Kleen Tank gets your RV's holding tanks factory "kleen"



Scott and Frieda Gureck, owners of Kleen Tank of the Tennessee Valley, an Authorized Kleen Tank DealershipKleen Tank of the Tennesee Valley is just one of a family of Authorized Kleen Tank Dealers. Owned by Scott and Frieda Gureck we’ve been educating RVers about their RV’s waste system and providing tank cleaning service for over two years. While we’re a stationary dealer providing service to the cities and communities of Knoxville, Chattanooga, Nashville, Lebanon, Cookeville, Crossville, Oak Ridge, Knoxville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, Townsend, Heiskell, Dandridge, Harriman, Rockwood, and Spring City, we also travel all over the U.S., staying in RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds for anywhere from an overnight to extended periods of time. We occasionally attend many RV club or organization rallies, RV shows, and other RV-related events.

We’re RV owners just like you! Currently, we travel in our 2022 Oliver Legacy Elite II travel trailer (so we know a lot of your frustrations!).

Kleen Tank of the Tennessee Valley, an Authorized Kleen Tank DealershipWe decided to become an Authorized Kleen Tank Dealer because we both enjoy serving others. Scott spent 27 years in uniform as a naval officer, 5 years in a non-profit, and then 6 years at a major public utility. Each of these jobs was service-oriented and serving others is important to him. As she traveled all over the county and the world with Scott, Frieda enjoyed numerous service-oriented jobs such as bank teller, customer service representative, real estate agent and non-profit foundation gift processing officer. As the ultimate “people person,” Frieda loves interacting with our customers. Now, we like to meet new people and to help them enjoy the RV lifestyle more by reducing their anxiety over waste tank issues.

What we like best about being an Authorized Kleen Tank Dealer is the recognized professional reputation our brand has. Our customers love what we do for them, and our reliable and affordable service sells itself.

There is far too much confusion in the RV industry over how to properly maintain waste holding tanks. We enjoy taking the time to show owners how they should maintain their tanks moving forward despite all the misinformation and terrible products they have been presented with in the past. In virtually all cases, our customers enthusiastically ask us for a follow-up appointment in one or two years.

Kleen Tank of the Tennessee Valley, an Authorized Kleen Tank DealershipOne of our very first Kleen Tank jobs involved helping a lady with a major clog that had prevented her from being able to flush her toilet for well over a month. Adding to her misery was having spent over $1,000 with two different plumbers who were ultimately unable to help her. The combination of the superior training we get as a Kleen Tank dealer along with our excellent specialized equipment allowed us to clear her clog quickly.

We’re always glad to hear from RVers with questions and inquiries and as we travel, be sure to see where we’re at (or going to be!) so we can meet up and even schedule your RV for a professional tank cleaning. You can call us anytime or reach out to us online. Thanks and we’ll see you “out there.”

“Outstanding, professional service.”

Tank Problems?

Find out the top five reasons why you’re having tank problems, whether it’s sensors, odors, or drainage issues. Here’s why you need Kleen Tank!

Tank Solution Recipe

You’ve heard of Kleen Tank’s RV tank solution. Get the recipe here so that you can make your own and leave the enzymes behind.

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Your RV’s sensors aren’t accurately reading because your waste holding tanks are dirty, no matter what you do to them. Onboard sprayers aren’t taking care of the problem. Enzymes and other chemical tank additives are only making the situation worse. You’ve probably given up hope of them every working properly again.

Kleen Tank’s hydrojetting process is the ONLY way to get your tank sensors working properly — and accurately!